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Prepare for the busiest retail season of the year | Smarter Sorting

How to prepare for the busiest retail season of the year

Blake Weems | October 26, 2022

With the busiest retail season of the year around the corner, it’s important to make sure brands and suppliers review their retailer agreements for formulated and regulated products. At Smarter Sorting, we're here to help you stay compliant and get products on to shelf as fast as possible. Read more.

Regulated waste diversion is changing | Smarter Sorting

Regulated waste diversion is changing

Joey D'Alesio | July 13, 2022

Consumers expect both brands and retailers to prioritize waste reduction and diversion. But there is a misconception throughout the retail community that diversion pathways for regulated waste don’t exist. Read more. 

The Health and Environment Impact of Packaging | Smarter Sorting

More packaging, more problems

Haley Salzwedel | April 21, 2022

Packaging makes purchasing goods easy and convenient. But it can have long-lasting impacts on the environment and human health that can’t be ignored. We sat down with an independent packaging expert, Dr. Michael Washburn, for an in depth Q&A session. Read more.

Achieve ESG Goals and Handle Waste Responsibly | Smarter Sorting

100,000 data-driven retail pickups

Jake LaCivita | April 19, 2022

When retail waste streams are handled correctly and sustainably, e.g. recycling, donations, and stewardship of regulated products, retailers are one step closer to their ESG goals. US Ecology has hit 100,000 Smarter Sorting powered retail pickups. Read more.

Everything You Need To Know About Aquatic Toxicity | Smarter Sorting

The aquatox paradox

AJ Kenny | March 29, 2022

Many consumer brands are committed to not testing their products on animals. However, some regulatory authorities still believe the only way to decide if a product could be toxic to the aquatic environment is to test it. Read more.

Top 3 challenges with Scope 3 reporting | Smarter Sorting

Top 3 challenges with Scope 3 reporting

Haley Salzwedel | December 17, 2021

While hype and controversy may continue to surround ESG, one thing is certain - companies need to ensure that they are reporting accurate and consistent data to stakeholders. Read more.

Cosmetic Labeling: Experts Unpack 3 Common Claims | Smarter Sorting

Unpacking consumer product claims

Haley Salzwedel | October 3, 2021

Making claims is important for the bottom line, but it’s crucial for suppliers to avoid making false or misleading claims about their products. Read more.

How to identify and handle hidden lithium-ion batteries

Haley Salzwedel | June 2, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries are notoriously challenging for retailers to handle, especially at the End of Life (EOL). Retailers need to understand how to handle and dispose of products that contain lithium-ion batteries in a safe, compliant, and sustainable way. Read more.

Sunflowers and car batteries

Kevin Liu | December 20, 2020

While sunflowers may provide a viable method of soil remediation in certain scenarios, the root of the issue still remains: e-waste and its toxic heavy metals are still reaching landfills in alarmingly high quantities. Read more.

A solid definition of waste forms

Blake Weems | December 3, 2020

“Is this wet or dry?”  Have no fear! Every product registered in the Smarter Sorting Classification Portal is assigned the correct form. No more confusion, and no more guessing with edge cases. A solid definition is here to stay. Read more.

Computer bits vs. California fish

Evan Peters | July 6, 2020

Is it possible to reproduce lab results using computational toxicology instead of killing fish? And is it possible using only publicly available data? The answer, we think, is “yes”. Read more.

Aerosols as universal waste: retail implications

Charlie Vallely | November 25, 2019

At large retail facilities, aerosols account for up to 40% of the items managed as hazardous waste. Managing aerosols as universal waste means that many retailers will be able to significantly reduce how much hazardous waste they are generating. Read more.

Painless Retail Hazardous Waste Management | Smarter Sorting

Retail hazardous waste management doesn’t have to hurt

Scott Mackey | August 12, 2019

Ineffective management of toxic materials may be costing your retail organization big bucks—and fixing the issue requires expertise your organization probably doesn’t possess. We have the solution for your hazardous waste challenges. Read more.

Circular Economy Spotlight: Smarter Sorting | Smarter Sorting

Circular economy spotlight: Smarter Sorting

Scott Mackey | July 1, 2019

Smarter Sorting is tackling this fundamental circularity concept in a very tangible way when it helps retailers track and divert items—previously considered “waste”—into pathways of reuse and recycling. Read more.