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Haley Salzwedel

More Packaging, More Problems

Haley Salzwedel | April 21, 2022

Packaging makes purchasing goods easy and convenient. But it can have long-lasting impacts on the environment and human health that can’t be ignored. We sat down with an independent packaging expert, Dr. Michael Washburn, for an in depth Q&A session. Read more.

Top 3 Challenges with Scope 3 Reporting

Haley Salzwedel | December 17, 2021

While hype and controversy may continue to surround ESG, one thing is certain - companies need to ensure that they are reporting accurate and consistent data to stakeholders. Read more.

Unpacking Consumer Product Claims

Haley Salzwedel | October 3, 2021

Making claims is important for the bottom line, but it’s crucial for suppliers to avoid making false or misleading claims about their products. Read more.

How to Identify and Handle Hidden Lithium-Ion Batteries

Haley Salzwedel | June 2, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries are notoriously challenging for retailers to handle, especially at the End of Life (EOL). Retailers need to understand how to handle and dispose of products that contain lithium-ion batteries in a safe, compliant, and sustainable way. Read more.