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Cosmetics manufacturers and importers: are you ready for AB 647?

California’s Assembly Bill 647 (AB-647) goes into effect July 1, requiring cosmetics manufacturers and importers to provide safety data sheets (SDSs) in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean on their websites. If you have a large quantity order for GHS 7-compliant safety data sheets, Smarter Sorting is ready to help.

Workplace safety practices and personal protective equipment (PPE) are under increased scrutiny in the age of COVID-19. While these issues are particularly applicable in the healthcare industry, they are also relevant for employees who work near customers, co-workers, and/or hazardous materials.

California was ahead of the curve in its concern for worker and consumer safety even before the pandemic—most recently evidenced by the passage of AB-647 in September 2019. Under the act, cosmetics manufacturers and importers must post GHS 7-compliant SDSs for all cosmetic products on their public-facing websites in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean.

This transparency will most assuredly lead to an increase in SDS usage and review. Long story short: it’s now more important than ever to accurately represent the hazards of a product in a single, informative SDS.

Smarter Sorting’s Automated Classification Engine (ACE) can help manufactures and importers adjust to this new landscape. How? ACE typically ingests SDSs, validates their attributes, and returns federal and state waste classifications—as well as transportation classifications for the Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association, and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Smarter Sorting is intimately familiar with common errors in SDSs and the problems that occur in the supply chain as a result. We correct these errors by letting machines do the work instead of humans. Automation allows for speed in addition to accuracy.

Want to know more? Check out our sample SDS. If you can find an error, we’ll give you a free SDS!

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