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Smarter Sorting Raises $25 million Led by G2VP | Smarter Sorting

Smarter Sorting raises $25 million in funding round led by G2 Venture Partners

Don’t bet against data. Data wins. Data tells the truth. Data is the pathway to a sustainable future.

This is especially true in our work to help retailers and consumer brands build a more sustainable future.

And today, we are pleased to share that Smarter Sorting has completed a $25 million investment round led by G2 Venture Partners, along with participation from existing investors. 

We have come a long way since 2015, when our Chief Product Officer and co-founder Charlie Vallely promised "patented tech to disrupt the chemical waste industry." 

We soon realized we could use our disruptive know-how to have an even bigger impact on the planet. Today our computational chemists, data scientists and software engineers are using our chemistry-driven, product-level data to help retailers and consumer brands reduce their regulatory liability, remain compliant and reduce environmental impact. 

Making the difference that matters

We believe if companies know more about their products they can do better. We use machine learning and publicly available information to instantly and accurately determine how to best make, market and move everyday products. Our customers have increased their donations, reuse and recycling, and reduced their environmental impact. They see it’s good for the environment and makes good business sense. 

What’s more, by tracking what goes where–to landfill, incineration or whether it’s donated or recycled–our customers can report financially material sustainability metrics using recognized ESG standards and frameworks. 

Data is the pathway to a sustainable future

At Smarter Sorting, we’ve built a platform that can classify 2 million consumer good products across 3,500+ data point facets per product; mapping the environmental, regulatory, transport and handling requirements to the physical attributes and chemical composition of millions of consumer products. We have a codebase and set of algorithms which run 2 million chemical simulations on every product, instantly. Over 60 different machine learning models produce over 7,000 regulatory classifications. This is powerful stuff. Retailers and brands now have the data to make the very best decisions to better protect the environment.

“Sustainability stands at an inflection point in today's economy as consumers, employees, investors and government agencies now demand more accountability from corporations.

With this investment, our passionate team of math nerds, chemistry wizards and retail pros will accelerate how our customers can meet sustainability goals while, at the same time, shattering the outdated notion that doing business the right way must cost more."

- Jacqueline Claudia, CEO, Smarter Sorting

With our new investment led by G2 Venture Partners, we will accelerate our technology roadmap, scale our business operations and better serve our growing list of 24 national supermarkets, warehouse clubs and big-box retail customers, including Wegmans, Albertsons Companies, and more than 1,600 consumer brands.

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