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2022 Real Leaders® Eco Innovation Awards | Smarter Sorting

Smarter Sorting is a Top 50 Winner in the 2022 Real Leaders® Eco Innovation Awards for Achievement in Environmental Impact


Smarter Sorting is a Top 50 Winner for achievement in environmental impact


AUSTIN, Texas and BOULDER, Colo., July 6, 2022 – Smarter Sorting (, a consumer goods data and sustainability company, has been announced as a Top 50 winner in the 2022 Real Leaders® Eco Innovation Awards. Smarter Sorting helps retailers and suppliers know more about regulated consumer products to make, market and move them across the supply chain more sustainably. 

This nomination specifically highlights Smarter Sorting’s proprietary Product Intelligence Platform™—the platform connects brand manufacturers and retailers. By sharing product data for hazardous, environmentally sensitive and regulated products, the company ensures retailers meet their environmental obligations, make better decisions, avoid unnecessary fines and reduce their environmental impact.

This week, Real Leaders released its inaugural Eco Innovation Awards to its global community of social impact executives. This distinction celebrates achievement in environmental impact. As a longtime advocate for businesses that build sustainability into their business models, Real Leaders wanted to recognize the products, projects, and initiatives that are actively contributing to a healthier planet.  

“We are honored to see our Product Intelligence Platform™ recognized by Real Leaders for the value it provides major retailers and consumer brands,” said Jacqueline Claudia, CEO of Smarter Sorting. “Smarter Sorting is focused on how we can use data and computing to build a better world. Through our Product Intelligence Platform™, we provide companies with product classification data for safety, health, transportation, disposal, and environmental regulations. This helps brands and retailers make more instant and informed decisions backed by accuracy.”

Smarter Sorting harnesses its math, chemistry and computing expertise to help retailers and brands do good for business while simultaneously doing good for the environment. To date, Smarter Sorting customers have achieved a 63 percent reduction in regulated waste using computational chemistry and 93 percent diversion to recycling or donation to charities.

Entries were judged on creativity, innovation, originality, measurable impact and needed to be designed to help solve an environmental issue. Awards were given in three categories: Top 50 ranking, Ones to Watch, and Eco Innovation Allies.  All winners will be featured in the Q3 2022 issue of Real Leaders magazine, on, and will be promoted across social media. 

“This is such a critical moment for our planet,” says Julie Van Ness, CEO of Real Leaders. “The latest IPCC report’s dire climate warning has made it clear there is no time to waste. It’s going to take all of us working together, especially business leaders who can leverage their influence and power in service to the planet. That’s why we dedicated our Q3 issue to business-led solutions for tackling the climate crisis; and we’re excited to introduce the world to our Eco Innovation Award-winning companies and CEOs who are doing just that. This issue is a must-read for purpose-driven leaders who want to be a part of the solution.”

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Based in Boulder, Colo., Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, Smarter Sorting helps companies make, market and move consumer products better. Its customers include national discount club stores and supermarkets, as well as the brands they sell. The company's customers use its Product Intelligence Platform to gain product insights and identify how to best handle regulated consumer products across the supply chain to remain compliant, avoid fines and reduce their environmental impact. Awards for innovation, impact and employee experience include: Fast Company Most Innovative Companies, Built In Best Place to Work, Real Leader Impact Award and SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award. Smarter Sorting is an Unreasonable Impact company.

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