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A Product Intelligence Platform™ for retailers managing regulated product data

For retailers (and suppliers) in search of ways to be enable e-commerce, move products more safely, and increase sustainability in decisions related to regulated product management, Smarter Sorting can help.

Four years ago, Smarter Sorting started its journey to solve sustainability challenges faced by communities and companies across the U.S. 

When I started with Smarter Sorting in 2017, we were partnering with cities to identify items in their waste stream to create new opportunities for reuse. Through this work, we discovered two marketplace problems that forced us to reassess our approach: (1) cities, companies and consumers often didn’t know what was actually in a product, and; (2) they didn’t know what this meant from a safety, compliance and transportation perspective?

Fast forward three years, and we’re still working to address these issues. Fortunately, we’ve made considerable progress from the days of scanning items at waste depots. 

Today, we’re creating data sets for some of the U.S.’s largest retailers who seek to cut waste and expand e-commerce opportunities. This data has allowed our retail partners to generate a significant ROI.

For example, our platform enabled one retailer to expand its e-commerce offerings to include regulated products which were previously excluded due to lack of regulatory transportation information. In total, these products make up 10 percent of its total product inventory — a multi-million dollar new opportunity. The same retailer is cutting their regulated state waste by 30% with our classifications, lowering generator status and saving operational dollars. 

Because our classifications are accurate and resolved to our partners in an accessible and transparent manner, Smarter Sorting gives retailers and their suppliers new-found compliance confidence to sell these products online and in store.

How are we doing this, and what does it look like in practice? It all starts with our ACE-powered Product Intelligence Platform™. 

Fast, accurate and cost-effective

The Product Intelligence Platform™ is Smarter Sorting’s two-sided platform. For the first time, we give retailers the ability to immediately access and understand the attributes and classifications of all regulated products in their inventory. By also connecting retailers to their suppliers, they can now effectively work with each other to create and communicate the data (such as chemical information) needed to ensure the handling of regulated products in the most compliant, cost-effective, and sustainable ways. 

Every element of the Platform and the data we create supports the commitment of our supply chain partners to operate as good stewards in their communities.

The tool enabling triple-bottom-line win

The Product Intelligence Platform™ is powered by Smarter Sorting’s Automated Classification Engine (ACE). ACE uses machine learning, computational chemistry, and regulatory AI to ensure our classifications are accurate and delivered in a timely manner. Together, ACE and the Product Intelligence Platform™ help simplify product registration, reduce data entry, expedite product time-to-shelf, and ensure safe, compliant product management by all supply chain stakeholders.

Our enhanced mission continues

We started as a company just trying to make the world a better place. Today, after more than two years of in-depth market research and product development, we believe we’ve advanced that mission—but at a scale that helps our partners maximize not only safety and sustainability efforts but also revenue opportunities.

A real triple-bottom-line victory. 

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